Jean's Boutique 2


Run a your boutique from all over the world in this FREE time management game!!
Grow the boutique as you drag and select clothes, glasses, hat customer is satisfied with.

Jean will need to be fast on her feet, dedicated to her customers, wise in her upgrades.
For fast fashion fun, there's no place like Jean's Boutique!!

▣ Gameplay Concept
▷ Bring food to the customers and keep them happy.
▷ If the customers wait for too long, they get angry and eventually leave the shop.
▷ There is a time limit on each level.
▷ You need to meet the revenue goal to beat each level.

▣ Features
▷ Total 64 Stage( Story Mode 57, Mini Game 7 ).
▷ 8 unique locations.
▷ 11 unique customer types ( Normal customer 10, Special 1 ).
▷ 6 Popup Services( Measure, Hanger, Footgear, Eyeglasses, Package ).
▷ Use Wink & Flatter Skill.
▷ 3 items( Give all customers a single heart, Stop the timer, Make jean move more fast ).
▷ Auto Cleaner( dressing room, mirror ).
▷ Once you finish a boutique in STORY MODE, you can play ENDLESS MODE.
▷ Rewards( Watching a video ).

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